How to Get More YouTube Views

How to Increase YouTube Views


Hey guys Ryan here from in this video I’m going to show you how to increase YouTube views for your channel and your individual videos for free in 2017 so none of these are going to cost you anything no investments are needed no special premium services are required and I’m going to show you nine strategies for increasing your YouTube views by massive percentages and I’ll show you examples and resources you can use so as a side note before I show you what to do I’m going to have all the links all the resources show notes and related content to this video on one page for you on Tubyou can find that page in the video description or on Tube Hackers under the video title the first thing you need to do to increase your YouTube views is publish videos at least every other day so if you look at my stats for last year you’ll notice that my youtube channel didn’t do a whole lot and then around September so I decided to start publishing every other day at least I tried to publish five days a week didn’t always work out but you’ll notice that when I went from publishing maybe once a week to three or four maybe five times a week this is what happened I went from about 500 views or so maybe 750 on average went up to about 15,000 towards the end of the year per day so that just shows you that not only does posting more often give you more chances to rank in YouTube and get more views but it also taught me that you learn a lot faster how to get good at YouTube based on the feedback from this so the more often you post the better you’re going to get at adapting and figuring out what works and what doesn’t for your channel so post more often at least three times a week try to post every other day if not 5 or 6 times a week and not only will you improve just figuring out how YouTube works but you’ll get a lot more views number two don’t skip weekends this is another thing I had to learn very quickly and I’m still kind of bad about and that is skipping weekends we all want to take weekends off that’s when our friends are off work that’s when our family our spouse everyone else is off off work and not in school so we want to hang out with them we want to take a weekend to do what we want to do and hang out with people but you’ll notice that as your YouTube views grow you have these constant dips when you don’t post on weekends weekends especially for my channel tend to be low days as far as views as far as engagement as far as everything YouTube related so you notice that typically you’ll go four or five days of increasing and then you’ll have a small dip and then you’ll go a few more days like this then you’ll have a small dip and you have a few more days going up small dip few more days going up small dip typically Saturday and Sunday are the worst days as far as engagement so you need to make up for that and post at least once on Saturday or Sunday Friday is not a great day either but Saturday and Sunday especially you need to post at least once on one of those days and YouTube made it to where you can actually you can actually schedule your videos so you don’t have to actually work on those days don’t worry about that you can schedule them and then do it the day before or earlier in the week number three optimize your keywords so when it comes to keywords after your posting more often you’re figuring out how YouTube works and you’re consistent enough you need to work on your keywords to rank your videos better when you rank your videos you’re a lot more likely to have a video that will make you money and get you views for years if it ranks towards the top on the front page of results so when you focus on keywords I’m using this as an example this is a video I did not too long ago and it’s basically centered around passive income ideas now when it comes to that keyword phrase you can use a lot of different tools to find whether it’s good or not things like that but once you find a good keyword phrase that has a lot of potential for views that means a lot of people are searching for it that also has good ad bids on them in other words advertisers pay a lot to see them if you’re if you’re trying to make money off youtube I’m not saying necessarily that you’re trying to make money off youtube maybe you do this just as a hobby or to make money selling products or things like that maybe you don’t even have ads on your videos but that’s another thing that can help and a few keyword tools I recommend are the Google Keyword planner which is this so I typed in passive income it’s definitely a good keyword because look it has ten thousand to a hundred thousand monthly searches and low competition so it’ll tell you the competition low medium or high and also the average monthly searches passive income ideas here one thousand to ten thousand so if I can rank for those two keywords those are both very popular have low competition and a fairly decent suggested bid which means they can make good money off ads also if you want to take it to the next level I recommend the keyword tool dot IO that’s the website I’m gonna have links obviously to all these places on the show notes page like they have a specific youtube keyword tool so that can really help you out a lot but once you get your keywords they have a lot of views per month they have low competition and things like that you want to type them in a search bar up here and if you get ten different variations of that keyword that means it’s pretty popular if they come up in this box right here and then you can go step further add a three word phrase the forward phrase and that the number of results in that box will tell you how many variations people are typically searching for it and so you combine the keyword tools plus that to find your keywords and then you put your keywords in these places obviously you want to have them in the title you want to have them in a raw file I’ve mentioned this in other videos all you do is you change the text of the file from you know video 1 or capture 1 to your keyword phrase before you upload you want to have it in your description in the first few sentences and you want to have it in your tags ok you might even want to say it you want to say the title of your video or the keywords in your video in the first minute or so so that it shows up in your subtitles ok they have automatic subtitles that are created so that people can read them if needed and they use that transcription to also help rank your video so use your keyword tools to help you find the keywords and then use them in those places number 4 focus on getting more subscribers subscribers really are the name of the game as far as getting more views because these subscribers are notified when you post a new video and when they’re subscribe to your channel they’re more likely to see your videos in the related video area over here on the right side so a few ways to get more subscribers obviously you’re going to have a subscriber button down here when you’re watching someone else’s video but you also want to use this right here go to your channel settings it’s very easy to set up just google it and set up your subscribe button or it’s also it’s actually called a watermark but instead of just putting your logo or a picture of yourself there put a little red box that says subscribe you can find that in Google Images or you can create one yourself I just created this in Google slides very easy red box white text and an arrow pointing at it use colors like red/orange green that will really stand out on your videos and get people to notice it it just gives it another place to subscribe also within your video at the end tell people or ask them to subscribe if they enjoyed the video and just asking them to do so will increase your subscribers as well okay but the power subscribers if you look at Ted they don’t even worry about keyword phrases anymore all they do is they post these videos and because they have over 6 million subscribers they instantly get tens of thousands of views in their first day so that just shows you the power of subscribers number five constantly study your top 10 videos and find a pattern so as far as trying to really scale up your channel this is one thing that also helped me start scaling up back to this video here one thing I started doing was posting more often the other thing was analytics I started paying attention to analytics and analytics tell you what people actually enjoy on your channel they give you patterns if you look at your top ten videos you need to make your newer videos more like those top ten maybe it’s the subjects you cover look at the different keywords or in there you’ll find patterns look at the amount of engagement and things like that look at the look at the keyword phrases look at how you did the description go back and look at each one of those top ten videos and figure out what you did differently from your other ones okay so you look at this look at how your keywords are searched your keyword phrases copy them into an excel sheet or a spreadsheet and compare them to others look at how you did your tags look at how you did your title and look at the length of the video I mean the time of day that you posted it there’s a lot of different things you can find patterns in that will tell you just from looking at your analytics what was working and what wasn’t okay so look at your top ten videos and always be optimizing your newer videos based on those top ten so another thing you want to look at is your latest videos so in your video manager it’ll come to a page like this look at the ones that are getting instantly a lot of views within the first couple days so some of these start off like this one got over 5,000 in the first couple days this one got only 2,500 and it’s actually a day older so that means people were typically going to be more interested in something like this then whatever this one’s about or maybe it has to do with the keywords there’s a few different ways to look at it and you just need to find the patterns between your top videos number six constantly study your worst videos and find a pattern as well so you’re also going to have a lot of videos that are just guts that’s just part of it the more you post the more you’ll figure out what to post and what not to but when I start out back to this page again obviously I didn’t do too well at optimizing my videos because I only got a few hundred views a day now I do pretty well but it took me a while to figure this out so I’m trying to help you take a shortcut and get it down faster but most of my videos are not getting a lot of views each month if you look at one view in the last month 10 views web infuse you know 15 20 so why are those videos not working and typically comes down to whether they’re ranking whether they get engagement and whether they’re related to other popular videos so look at those different things and also compare like I said your video manager latest videos and see which one started out bad like this one started out pretty bad for me 900 views compared to say one that got 12,000 when I got 16,000 won you know within a few days of each other so typically my subscribers may not care too much about making money with fancy sports or maybe just didn’t rank well maybe it’s a bad keyword who knows you got to compare them and you got to find the patterns number seven share videos on social media so there’s a few main sites that you need to focus on and you don’t really want to worry about the others you go down here to the share button the easiest way to find out what the best ones to share on click that share button and it will give you a list of easily shareable places for your videos I recommend Twitter stumble upon Digg Google+ Facebook Group Pinterest Tumblr Twitter LinkedIn About.Me and I wouldn’t even worry about Facebook really Linkedin you could argue is not super effective for sharing content but I’ll show you a better way to do that here in a second Facebook prefers that you upload videos directly to Facebook because they don’t want people leaving their site so they typically don’t give much views to shared links especially YouTube videos because they’re competitors so because they compete with Facebook video they don’t want people watching youtube videos on Facebook so don’t even bother upload the video directly to Facebook on your page with IFTTT you can actually automate all this stuff of course I’m going to have links for you for all these pages don’t worry but if you go to IFP PT which stands for if this then that you can search YouTube and then you’ll find all kinds of applications that automate YouTube video sharing like this one works with tumblr this one works with Twitter automatically shares on Twitter automatic shares on tumblr that’s just one less thing for you to spend time on and you can even share it on your WordPress blog but that covers a lot of your sharing right there and you know the rest you can do pretty quickly after that so if you want to automate some of your sharing on social media with YouTube use this site here number 8 embed your video on your blog LinkedIn etc so if you want to get more out of your blog or out of your youtube videos embed it in places that you can your blog is one so you’ll notice that a lot of my latest articles and things like that have an embedded video why because videos are becoming more and more popular than regular blog post hence the rise of YouTube becoming the number two site in the world in terms of traffic so at the top of my blog post these days you’ll typically find a video to embed this in a wordpress blog all you have to do is go back to your video copy embed code by right-clicking go to text and paste that in there okay now obviously for some reason this went white I don’t even know why it would do that but there it is it shows up now and you can of course adjust the size of it or you can just copy the actual link and paste it in WordPress now if you have the updated version of WordPress another place you want to do this is LinkedIn so if you have a LinkedIn profile good if you don’t have one get one just for the simple fact that you can even publish articles and things like that on a very popular site so you go to LinkedIn you’re on your home page then you click write an article when you click write an article you can then embed a video so then you would press this little box here and then click video and then put in the video from YouTube and that will allow you to get even more traffic by leveraging your LinkedIn connections so those are just two places you want to embed your video to get views off of YouTube instead of just relying purely on YouTube for views last but not least leverage the social following of other people so a few sites you want to do this on if you don’t have a big social media following you need to get your video shared by other people some way somehow to increase your views three sites for this are viral content be okay you basically share people’s content and then you use the points you earn from doing so to pay people to share your content and it works with Twitter Pinterest Facebook and stumble upon just retweet another free site that’s like this except you share people’s tweets on Google+ Facebook or Twitter you get points you pay people points to do the same for your tweets and your tweet will have the link to your YouTube video so you have to do as an empire up cred allows you to make points from either their stock market game where you invest in other players or you do missions for people which is basically going and visiting pages and looking at content and you get points then you pay points to do the same for you they go to your con YouTube blog whatever it is and then they decide how they want to share it so those three sites will allow you to leverage the connections of other people on social media and get a lot more traffic and a lot more engagement on your videos so other than that those will help you get a lot more views if you enjoy the video if you feel like you’ve got something of value from it please like and subscribe so I can create more videos like this for you if there are some strategies you thought I left out if you want to let me know what you thought about the video or anything else let me know in the comments I’m always looking for feedback and trying to improve these videos and make them more valuable to you let me know there what you think and for all the show notes related content and links that I mentioned in this video go to or find the link to that page any first couple senses of the video description other than that hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have great

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